FAQ - NeeoPal


List of frequently asked questions

What is Neeo Messenger ?

Neeo Messenger is an application introduced by NeeoPal, It is an automatic multi lingual cross platform compatible application, which rules out the issue of
communication between the individuals having different languages.

Neeo Messenger can run on every device?

Yes Neeo Messenger is being designed with a goal to run on every platform, so that all kind of technology users can take full benefit of it, common platforms supported by Neeo Messenger are:

  • IOS
  • Android

How many languages are supported by Neeo Messenger?

Neeo Messenger supports a huge database of languages and it is increasing each coming day, right now it supports more than 100 languages.

How does Neeo Messenger Works?

This selection of Neeo Messenger enables you to type your queries or messages in your very own language and enjoy resulted messages from around the globe converted back in to your language, just about all run by Neeo Messenger.

Where Neeo Messenger can be used?

There is no set to fit criteria for our application, you can run it as:

  • A multilingual messenger to chat with your foreign language friends.
  • You can use it to provide support for foreign language clients and customers visiting your website
  • You can use it in any way you want it.

What extra features are supported by Neeo Messenger?

Neeo Messenger supports real time translation of conversation, audio call, images and videos sharing as well as voice messages.


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