4 Killer Ways to Bolster Your Business’s Sales and Reach

4 Killer Ways to Bolster Your Business’s Sales and Reach

Every entrepreneur wants their business to grow and increase its sales. In an ideal world, they have unlimited budget to achieve this goal. They could utilize it to advertise their products and services online and offline. Additionally, the budget could also be used to run promotions, as increase in brand awareness and visibility significantly augments public interest and get businesses more customers.

Unfortunately, it’s not an ideal world. Here, many businesses have incredible ideas to enhance their sales and reach, but budget restraints bounds them from realizing these ideas. To help Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups, below are four killer and cost-effective ideas that can aid them bolster their sales and reach.

4 Killer Ways to Bolster Your Business’s Sales and Reach

  1. Multilingual Website

Research has divulged that of all the internet users just 35 percent have English as their primary or secondary language. An unofficial survey revealed that Chinese (Mandarin) is the second most spoken language after English with 14 percent users. Whilst, another study showed that with 13 languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Swedish and

, businesses get to see more conversions which will strengthen their bottom line and give them the competitive edge. More importantly, it will allow organizations to sell their products and or services Arabic) a business can cater 90 percent of online shoppers.

This clearly infers online businesses having websites in English are catering just one third of the internet users. So if a businesses is looking to cater more than 35 percent of the internet users, it must make its website available in other languages too. Because it doesn’t matter how extensive variety and high quality products and services you may offer, if you cannot speak your customers’ language, you will never be able to sell them.

Furthermore, a multilingual website will allow the company to improve its image as well because when it embraces international approach customers tend to view it as a serious player in the market.

Above all, the cost of having a multilingual website is almost the same as of bilingual website. Since business owners won’t have to create a separate website for each language. Instead, all a company needs to do is add a feature that enables customers to view its website in various languages. Dubai government’s portal is a leading example in this regard as it allow visitors to translate the website in different languages.

  1. Multilingual Live Chat Service

If you have decided to sell your products and or services outside your country, then relying on English language alone for customer support can badly hurt your business. Since several studies have already shown that English is not the primary language of large number of internet users across the globe.

It is where multilingual live chat services come into play. The unique service that is offered by different companies such LiveAdmins, LivePerson and etc. give customers the freedom to communicate with live chat operators in their native language. In addition, the live chat service in multiple languages help e-commerce businesses to improve their customer engagement.

Once the customer engagement is improved it ignites a chain reaction, as it gives businesses more satisfied clients, which means companies will see more repeat business. A rise in repeat business means increase in sales, which results in improve return on investment (ROI).

It is why multilingual chat service is considered one of the best tools to aid corporations in improving customer experience because good experience produces more loyal customers, which prove extremely beneficial in the long run.

  1. Chat Translation Apps

The founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg swept everyone off their feet when he gave a 20-minute speech in fluent Mandarin (Chinese) at a university in Beijing during his recent visit to China. The stellar pronunciation and vocabulary of Mark only took his charm to the next level. But Mandarin is not something that Zuckerberg has managed to learn overnight. It took him nearly 5 years to master the language and develop such an extraordinary pronunciation and vocabulary.

Unfortunately, business travelers cannot afford to devote such long time to learn a foreign language, if they are seeking to access markets where English is not commonly spoken. Cutthroat competition in the business world has compelled them to find solutions that produces instant results. Else, their rivals will perish them because there is no room for late adopters in this battle to gain more market share.

Study also shows that about 75 percent of all the internet users do not make important buying decisions unless the business provides product details in their native language. So if business owners and travelers cannot waste their time in learning foreign languages, then what choice they have to access international markets?

The real time auto chat translation apps for mobile devices is an excellent solution to this problem. They cease business managers from getting lost in the translation by breaking the language barrier. Instant messaging translation apps like Neeo Messenger, and others aid business managers to effectively communicate with overseas customers, traders, vendors and others in their native language without exhausting their time and money.

Now wherever you are or whichever language you may speak, doing business in other languages is no longer an issue. Since today’s highly advanced real-time translation apps can interpret your chat in 70 plus languages.

  1. Photo Sharing Website

It is said that pictures require no explanation. It is why marketers prefer to use pictures to promote products and services. Although promoting businesses through pictures is not a novel practice, but the inception of photo-sharing websites such as Instagram and Pinterest has given this marketing approach a new direction.

With more and more people joining photo-sharing websites every day, corporations have found a new way to connect with them. By uploading pictures and videos of their products and services, companies are showing their customers what they offer. Most of all, it increases customer engagement. Research also proves that as a study found that brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than the text.

While another research divulged that 40 percent people respond better to visual info rather than text. It is why businesses that are utilizing photo-sharing websites have been able to develop strong and long-lasting relation with customers. Moreover, these sites have been able to encourage word of mouth recommendations because photo-sharing allow customers to instantly identify things they like and quickly recommend them to others.

This help businesses improve their search engine ranking as well as traffic on their website, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.