Video Sharing Feature of Neeo Messenger

Neeo iOS Releasing Video Sharing Feature Soon

After introducing in Android version, Neeo Messenger is now releasing video sharing feature in iOS very soon. We are delivering what we promised with our users.

Video Sharing Feature of Neeo Messenger

Let’s see what you will get with Video Sharing?

This feature is same as we have released for Android a week ago. Now for iOS, this feature includes sending video recordings/video clips to group and single contact.

You will be Able to:-

  1. Record or Share a Video from gallery
  2. Forward a Video
  3. Delete
  4. Get Notifications (even when the app is closed)
  5. Choose Wifi or Cellular for automatic Video downloading

So, keep visiting Apple store as we are planning to release this feature in next month. Enjoy sharing your video recordings and clips with your contacts. Or if you have not downloaded this awesome application in your iPhone then check it out on below link.


Download Neeo Messenger for iPhone

Neeo Messenger Video, Photo Sharing and Contact Block List Maintanance Introduced in New Release

Neeo Android Next Release | Video/Photo Sharing & Block List Management Introduced

As Promised, Neeo is continuously bringing features that our users love. Now Neeo Android users will be able to share videos, up to 5 photos directly from gallery and can block unwanted contacts on Neeo messenger from the upcoming week.  Below are the details.

Neeo Messenger Video, Photo Sharing and Contact Block List Maintanance Introduced in New Release

Video Sharing:

Video sharing has been made as easy as our users desired for. Neeo is going to update the application in the next release with Video Sharing Feature. This will enable Neeo Android users to Send Video recordings or Video Clips in personal and group chats. Here are some option that will be available with this feature.

  1. Delete
  2. Forward a Video
  3. Get Notified (even when the application is closed)

Image & Picture Sharing:

Simply! You can now be able to share single or up to 5 Pictures chosen directly from gallery to one Neeo friend or to a whole Group. This will add more value to Neeo application and you will start hanging out by sharing your picture updates with friends.

Block Unwanted Contacts:

Need to block unwanted contacts? If yes then Android users of Neeo will be able to do that to avoid interruptions caused by unwanted & spammy contacts. You can now be able to manage your own block list.

So, if you have not put your Android device on automatic update, then keep visiting Neeo application listing on Google Play Store for enabling yourself to use these awesome features by next week.

Update Will Be Available here on Play Store

Neeo Messenger is Now Available on different Chinese Stores for android devices

Neeo Messenger! Now Available on Different Chinese Android App Stores

Neeo Messenger app is now available on three leading mobile app stores in China: Baidu (HiAPK, APK.91), Mi Store and Wandoujia. With the launch of Neeo Messenger on the largest distribution channels in China, PowerfulPal is all set to cater world’s largest market that promises significant potential. The move will empower Neeo to improve its visibility in China, as the Chinese mobile app stores have a huge base of loyal users and witnesses millions of downloads each year.

Neeo Messenger is Now Available on different Chinese Stores for android devices

Wandoujia alone has 200 million users and it sees 30 million app downloads every year. Similarly, the Mi app store, also known as Xiaomi app store, has witnessed 20 billion app downloads in the first quarter of this year. Baidu is not lagging behind in this race either. The latter also has a huge base of subscribers and observe unlimited downloads each day. PowerfulPal therefore is hopeful to see a drastic increase in Neeo’s downloads with this launch.

More importantly, the move will allow users in China to extend their reach by connecting with people, businesses, customers, traders and others who cannot speak Mandarin (Chinese). Thanks to Neeo Messenger app’s real time chat translation feature that empowers its users to communicate in more than 70 languages. Now users in China can also use this app to text in their language and receive in their language, as Neeo Messenger automatically translates chats to their desired language and that too in real-time.

Besides taking away the language barrier, Neeo offers some other exciting features too that will allow the advanced app to create remarkable experience for Baidu, Mi Store and Wandoujia users. These features include file/photo sharing, audio sharing and voice call. With file sharing feature, users can share their favorite photos and or files, whereas the audio sharing feature let them share audio files with their contacts on the IM at anytime from anywhere. On the other hand, the voice calling feature allow users to talk to their families, friends and others from any part of the world free of cost.

Neeo is already available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for download.